There are pits into which we willingly crawl. Though painful, dark and alone. They are familiar, comforting, welcome. Surely you know such a place.

Mine alomost feel like home. Stores of varing emotions to which I return. Some are very painful. Tormenting. Hell like. Yet I fall into them arms spread landing flat upon my back. Only to taste it, smell it, live it a little more.

How insane this all sounds. Yet. Upon emeriging to a bright blue sky and gentle breeze. Life is new again. Clean. Fresh. Full of anything. So I set sail and beging to live. Until my anchor drops again.

(The attached image is the sky above me now. How open and glorious it is. The other is my 1st mate Zilliah, no fine a companion was ever made.)


Lost It

I realy want to write something amazing. A read that will curl your toes, make you cry, laugh then walk away saying “thank you”. However. I have lost it. My voice. Can not find it. My pen slings gobbledygook. 

Those of you who know me prepare another purge. The desire to clean slate my site and plant a new me feels good right now. Yet currently I am… Quoting Jesus ” neither hot nor cold but lukewarm.” I need to be spewed out. I am swimming in comfortable nothingness. I dont even think leather thigh high boots and a riding crop could prod me from my recliner.

Let me go find an adventure somewhere and see who I can become. Here is to you my few faithful. Get ready for something spectacular. Searching my mask now for a new and improved version.