I Never Think Of You

I would said I never think of you

Yet as I speak those words

I am

You are still everywhere

Because you are still in me

The air I breathe blonged to us

The sky I see was ours

The place I drove by was where we met

Over there we had our first date

Your mom and dad were home when I passed there place

I saw your brother at lunch

This is the short cut we would take

I kept that shirt for twenty years

We used to talk for hours

Then say nothing for several more

That picture I kept still calms me down

You said I love you first

I was over joyed

I would say I never think of you

When the opposite is true


There Once Was A Time


My hand seemed to fit perfectly for her. Thumb resting just before her ear. Fingers spread wide sunk beneath her hair. Softly I could guide her face to me until her eyes were  in that perfect place. There I would drink her in until overflowing.

  Silently we would remain this way. Enthrolled in each others presence. Words had no value. All which could be said flawlessly flowed from myself to her then her to me. Time had no meaning. There was no universe beyond our space. All that could be, was.

  Eventually my head would rest upon hers. Nose touching nose. Eyes closed. I would breathe as she exhaled so she could fill my soul. Her hand often rested upon my heart. She enjoyed allowing the beat of hers to match mine. Hours would pass as slowly we merged into one. Neither she nor I. Only us.

  We were young. Love was new. Neither she nor I had felt so much from another. Boundaries regarding how much to give had not been taught by lifes cruel twist. So we gave. We opened our souls and gave all there was. Everthing within me I poured into her during these moments as she did me.  It was honest, sincere, unhindered, all giving and all taking in equal portion.

  These were times of remarkable beauty. A gift which remain part of me forever. There once was a time, magic found me.