If I were to remove my chains

Unfetter my soul

Expose my heart

Allow my love to flow

Who would be there to receive it

If laid bare

Open to all that is good

Or all which would destroy it

Would you claim it

Receive my love

Cradle my heart

Making it yours

If I laid bare all

Would you love me



In the end there is just me

Casting words to the wind

Allowing them to waft from my soul

Drifting upon the winds of fate

Flowing to a soul from my past

Seeking what was 

A smile which melted me

It is from that moment I began

To there I shall always return

Where my anchor resides

Dreaming one day

She will be there

Smiling a smile which belongs to me

The Torment of Fools

What is this drama playing daily in my mind

Shards of brokenness ripping new wounds

Why is there no delete

Or going back

Was I chosen to be this way

All that is collides within my mind

There is no method nor control 


White hot in the center

Is her

It is always her

And then torment 

Until it passes 

Because in the end 


Am simply 


I Want to

I want to love in a way which causes all else to fade

Breathing in the full essence of it

Closing my eyes while it engulfs me

Seeping into my pours

I want to love in a way which will never falter 

Love which will wake me up and lay me to rest

Flow through my like sunshine

Cool me like an ocean breeze

I want to love and have it received like air

Swallowed down like fine wine

Swaddled in like silk 

Forever remember 

If there was nothing let in life for me

I want to love

“Uncaged Wallflower” by Jennae Cecelia

I thought of you when I read this quote from “Uncaged Wallflower” by Jennae Cecelia –

“Metamorphosis Metamorphosis. Feeling your wings breakthrough. Growing into the best you. Don’t get stuck in your safety net. Change for the better. Expand and learn something new. Don’t get wrapped up in your same old cocoon.”

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