Alone At Sea

I drift alone on open seas. 

Sails searching for no particular wind. 

By day I drop my sails and rest.

Night falls and the stars become my lovers.

I know them all as the shine down upon me.

The breeze sings to me through billowing sails.

Waves rock me side to side in the mermaids waltz.

Here I am alone in the world.

Lonely as it may be.

Tis far better to be lonely at sea.

Then on land with people surrounding me.

Rite of Passage

 That is me. Traveler. Back in the college days at my fraternity house. Being slapped. In the face. Playfully though. I am sure being me that I grabbed that beautiful young ladies backside. All in jest. She was and is a dear friend.

  I arrived in college a year after all my friends. The Army needed me to complete some delayed enlistment requirements first. To my benefit I started in a Winter quarter making me the new guy on the block. I also happened to be in really good shape. All played in my favor. However, I was still very shy when it came to approaching females.

  About a month into my first quarter I arrived back to my room in the fraternity house after class. My door was open which was odd. I walked in, and there, in my room was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever laid eyes on. I assumed she was in the wrong room, but she said no and introduced herself. I asked her to sit on my couch, got her a drink and proceeded to watch MTV. (It was all videos then) We talked for awhile. I thought things were great. Then she got up. Shut the door. Locked it. Stood in front of me. Took her clothes off and there we went. I was shocked but very willing to play along.

  After we had calmed down a bit she kissed me and said, girls enjoy it too. We became good friends. Never really dated but had great conversations, and other things. It was from her I first learned of “the curse” as she called it. Attractive girls often go dateless. Why? Well, most guys act like jerks trying to pick them up. Or, they never approach them at all. So from her I learned. Relax. Be polite. Be a gentleman. Be funny. Be confident. Then when the time comes and you want a little romance, tactfully say so. 

  I think this art has been lost upon todays generation. Why do I say so? Those beautiful young women who should be with studly young men, often end up at my table. Now I politely decline their affections and tell them this story. Then tell them to go find a me and train him up. He and the women of the world will appreciate it.

What do you think?





 An empty hand reaches into hollow air. There it lingers. Memories of what once was thoughtless. Soft finger tips tracing mine. Wrist twisting together like snakes in a love dance. The world calmed when our hands met.

  Empty eyes search through the nothingness beside me. Once there gleamed eyes which spoke to my soul. I love you poured from them better then any mouth could speak. In them I saw eternity. Children. Grandchildren. Until the day I saw tears. Then they were gone.

  My lips speak to the vastness. I love you still flows from them. Landing upon empty ears of a long gone memory. When then your lips spoke love to me in return. Oh to feel them brush against mine.

  All is empty now. Hands withered. Eyes diming. Lips silent. All is empty. Except my heart. No. My heart is still full. The same love pounding through me. Forcing you into my dreams where all becomes real again. 

  My hand reaches into the emptiness where yours is waiting for it.

Is That How “It” Is Done

 Fortunately for me my paths have crossed here with several practicing a D, BDSM or just plane kink lifestyle. The fortune comes from their openness, willingness to answer my questions. Traveler is a classical romantic. Enjoying hours of sharing music, poems, movies snuggled down in deep sheets with someone. Deep stares, passionate kisses, and fondeling galore. Ending with a dance between yearing bodies and rest in each others arms.

 However, the surrender involved in a D or BDSM relationship is so very intriguing. The trust involved in allowing your partner to chain, whip, spank you is intoxicating for me just in thought. How deep that relationship must me. How, non superficial. 

 Although doubting I would be able to submit to someone due to my past, the thought of someone submitting to me is ……. delicious. Wanting eyes begging for my touch but helpless witnout my action. The pulling of hair and ability to be, not gentle. To demand my partner do what I please instead of hoping it might occur. The willingness to reward.

  Who knows. The Traveler is not dead yet. Maybe there are few toes left out there for me to curl. What do you thing?