Where Have You Been!

My dear ones! Forgive the length of my absence. You have all been floating through my thoughts daily.

To start, I have flip flop tan lines. The Atlantic is my friend. Sitting alone on the beach is its own kind of medicine.  

While breathing in salty air a few things have rested upon my sole. 

1. I  do not have to be loved to have value. Loving gives me all the worth I need. So I love the beach, salty air, my English Bulldog and my daughters. 

2. I Uber because I love people. I tour guide because I love people and I teach part time because I love people. These things make me happy.

3. I write because it releases my soul. Get ready. I am about to do a lot more of it.

4. I speak of needing an anchor. Truth is, I  had to many. Anchors from the past which were keeping me from sailing. They have been cut free. Emotional ropes drifting off in the waves. 

5. I am ok. Right now. Today. I am standing back up and I am good.

For the past three years I have refused medical care. Call it self harm. Punishment. A desire for it to be done. This week I started back. I found a great GP to organize it all. Plus I have a new psych referral. Time to start living again. I had given up. 

My oldest daughter was talking to me the other day. She told me she needed me to live. To live as long as I can because I am the one who brings balance to her life. Maybe I  just needed to hear someone say please wake up tomorrow. I need you here.

So I  am back. Ready to sling ink in a positive direction.