When I Love

When I love I do so boundlessly

I love beyond all capabilities

Without hesitation or restraint

I know no other way

Giving myself self completely

As if in sacrifice

When I love every atom of me does

Complete surrender

When that love is lost

I die



Until nothing remains of me

I know other way

Except to love

I Never Think Of You

I would said I never think of you

Yet as I speak those words

I am

You are still everywhere

Because you are still in me

The air I breathe blonged to us

The sky I see was ours

The place I drove by was where we met

Over there we had our first date

Your mom and dad were home when I passed there place

I saw your brother at lunch

This is the short cut we would take

I kept that shirt for twenty years

We used to talk for hours

Then say nothing for several more

That picture I kept still calms me down

You said I love you first

I was over joyed

I would say I never think of you

When the opposite is true

Love Should Be

I go to where love should be

Only to find its place empty

I go to where love should be

Yet it does not find me

I go to where love should be

A hollowness there I do see

I go to where love should be

No arms are there to greet me

I go to where love should be

Sorrow stands and laughs at me

I go to where love should be

Misery waits to engulf me

I go to where love should be

There I stand alone

I Need No Blade

I need no blade to gash my flesh.

My memories are sharp enough.

They rip my heart and burn my soul.

No scar do they leave.

They come to me with gnashing teeth.

Bringing a hell I know to well.

No I need no tool to torture me.

Pain gnaws it way through my flesh.

I embrace it now my sadistic lover.

Flay me open until my soul escapes.

Death bringing sweet release.