Ok….confusion has stepped in. At the moment I  am  attempting to not be angry….rage….maybe over act. So help me my dear ones. I need sound minds.

As you know, I am trying to make another run at living in the same house. So far I have been in her house for a month and this are… well… Let’s just say no major blow ups. Then therecwas this evening.

We were at my aunt and uncles 65th wedding anniversary. I have a second cousin whom is about to get married. His fiancee and my wife were discussing the date.  Then my wife said…”Oh, I will be in Mexico then.” Wait. What. What did she just say?

I did not react. Yeah me being calm off meds. When we got in the car she somewhat mentioned it again. At which point I just ask …”you’re going to Mexico?” She then explains a long time female friend…recently dicorced…is paying her way to Mexico for her birthday.

Do I have a right to be pissed???? Why do I even try.


4 thoughts on “What?????

  1. Yeah, I’d be upset at not knowing too… but the level of anger depends more on the relationship and its expectations between you two.
    Romantic… trying to be a couple…. yes…
    Roommate and platonic… not so much

    But either way… anger signals feeling
    Still love there

  2. It is hard to believe she was planning to travel outside the country without even running it by you! That shows an extreme lack of consideration on her part. However, I believe the two of you were split up for awhile…were these plans made during that time?

    1. I have let it go. Moving on. Doesn’t really matter. Think I’m going to the beach. Hugs to you Nora! Hope you have an exceptional weekend.

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