The Nowhere Place

  Have you looked for me? Wondered where the traveler may be? A few have, and my gratitude is beyond expression. While we all love to sling our ink to page regarding our last spanking, broken heart, kids, flowers, pets, books, add in some more spanking just for fun; are we not really hear for the community? Who post then honestly hopes it never reaches anyone.

 Thus here I am. Actually I am in my “nowhere place” which is emotional not physical. I started going there subconsciously while spending so many years alone as a defensive mechanism. It is a place where I function but quite literally am void of emotion. Very much like a Prozac, Seriquil, Jack Daniels party except I have had none of those this week. 

  I am here because all that I hoped I might could have in a relationship has gone away. A twenty seven year investiment gone. Very much like staying with one company all your career to discover there is no pension at the end. Not even a cheap watch, or grocery store cake. Just a “if you dont want this I’m taking it”. Then realizing the next morning you do not even have utensils for fruit loops.

  So here I am. Nowhere. A familiarplace. Except, this time, I have my Zil who can sense all my medical and emotional issues. She comes over as I look through old Army stuff, puts a paw on my shoulder and gives me kisses. Who can stay in nowhere when Zil is around?


3 thoughts on “The Nowhere Place

  1. I’m glad that you have your fur baby with you, Traveler! Our fur baby died about a month ago…she was 14 and had a long, happy life. I miss her so much and cannot believe what a hole she has left on my heart. Just seeing this picture of you and Zil brings tears to my eyes. Just know that I am out there…reading your posts and sending you positive thoughts!

    1. Love you Nora! I lost a 15 year old German Shepherd last month. So hard. BTW…I sent you a rather lengthy and clinical side bar regarding a very interesting book I just picked up.

      1. I will be sure to check my email, Traveler! I don’t recall seeing it this morning, so it may have gone to spam. I will be sure to take a look.

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