Reality Kicks

Today I am doing something I have never done. I am writing in response to a comment from an anonymous yahoo blogger whom has one of those computer generated identifers. Let me start by posting the comment.

How about you face up to the real world and get on with it? Man up. Make a decision for the future and stick to it. Quit with the moaning and hankering for the past, its gone, nothing good comes of ‘if onlys’, it is what it is and the future is yours for the making.
(The future is not pathetically fishing for virtual sympathy)

Ok my followers….laugh now.  Not sure who this person is but it was the man up comment that got me. Therefore…let me elaborate on myself a bit more. I am retired from the CIA’s Special Operations Group. Doubt the author of the above comment has any idea what that is because the most impressive thing he most likely ever accomplished is masturbating in front of a mirror.

So, my friends. I have vented just like my CIA psychiatrist tells me to. It has been several years since I have killed someone and my stress level is rather high. 

Ok. Im done. Hope my serious writer friends out there got a chuckle out of RK too.




24 thoughts on “Reality Kicks

    1. Thank you dear one! Glad the writers here are getting a good laugh. That was the intent! I know we have all been there and wantedbto ask someone for their MENSA card….or a least a GED. Witers will write. Bloggers will blog. Hugs to you!

    1. I am sure that numb nutt has no idea his url was shared with his comment and can be used to locate him whenever he logs on. Even at bubbas tits and grits when he is picking up his mother from her shift

      1. My 19 year old is sitting here with me. She said “Dad, uhhhhh, who is Naughty Nora?” lol!!! I went into the whole blog world explination. Openness..acceptance…friendships.

        Thanks for the teaching moment!

      2. I think she was rather proud the old man had a friend who goes by NaughtyNora. You may have bumped my cool status up some.

      3. Ahhhhh…. It speaks! I have pulled it from its realm of anonymity…not really. You still sound extremely clueless. Tell me more. Why come here and comment? What brings you slithering into my space? Are you interested, lonely, intrigued? Tell me more. My followers and I want to here!

      4. More from me….had to take care of a few other things.
        Glad you responded….seriously I am. So….lets find common ground. Coffee….love it. My favorite is Peets Major Dickenson whole bean.

        Now dissecting your response. This and previous. Yes there are some things I should move on from, forget, let them be. However, they help define me. I like keeping them around. Using them. Drawing from them. 

        Masturbating. Do not do it. No desire. Have been alone to long. 

        Do I do real. Relationships I am assuming is your reference. No. Not any more. I have become resolved to my solitude. I do have some cyber friends whom I chat with as normal people not as we present ourselves online. They are very good friends. We check on each other. Share what we would not share face to face. I enjoy it. Abnormal as it may be.

        As far as seeing you in town and the mirror reference. With this one I am shooting in the dark. No clue who you are and dispite the ability to do so, I do not try to find others true identity. I assume if they ever wish for me to disclose they will. Up to them. That said….I can only link the above two references to one person. If this is you and my post cause you anger or any other emotion I am greatly sorry. I have not thought you would return to my post. In the thought this is you, i think about you more than I care to admit. I do intrude up your facebook page just to check on you. Again assuming it is you. I would love to see you anytime. Tell me when and where. 

        My door is always open to anyone. Friendship is free. Please continue to visit me. Blast my post, comment at will……just own it. Dont hide. Im tired of hiding.

        PS…..Nora And Cinn are in charge of my spankings.



  1. There are always Trolls lurking around the internet, just waiting to anonymously call someone out because they are not man or woman enough to do so under his/her own name. It is the equivalent of school yard bullying, it is seriously immature, and it’s freakin’ annoying. Hope your anonymous reader reads that!

    1. A kiss to you my dear! I think that is ehat urks me most of all. Some people here are truly truly hurting. Ignorance such as that could be their last straw.

      PS….I love a fight…and Maybe a good spanking as well..wink wink

      1. I agree…I think many blog here on WordPress to release painful emotions, myself included. Doesn’t anyone remember what their mother taught them? If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

        *shaking my head at your last comment*…naughty, naughty Traveler 🙂

  2. Oh kicks. What a sad person you are? It is very pathetic. We here express ourselves then move on. You seem to remain in your doom. I hope that changes for

  3. Stop hiding. If you are so passionate about what you are posting show yourself. Otherwise. You are not worthy of additional effort

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