No Flowing Words


Today my words will not flow. I am slinging my tattered soul onto page hoping someone can put my puzzle together. I am filled with everything yet feel nothing. I want to sleep but not dream. To die and be risen. To exist but fade away.

  I reaced out for love and found a vipers strike in its place. Venum coursing through my. My flesh rots from inside out. Slowly falling from bone as my heart yet beats. A sorrow, worn and battered heart. If my hand could release it so would be done. May my ears fail, my eyes dim and be gone from me.

  Before last breath passes my lips may one arrive. In love and compassion take my hand. With tear in eye press sweet lips against mine. Whispering “pass in love dear one”.


7 thoughts on “No Flowing Words

    1. Love you Nora! Sadly at this current moment things are bad. My daughters are here with me and we love each other so. However things with their mom are not good for any of us. They are 19 and 15. We were planning to move back into the same house together as we have been seperated for several years. However, they and myself feel very alienated when with my wife. My house house is empty and almost ready for market. We are camping out on blow up beds and a couch while they are trying to persuade me to not sell so we can remain here.

      So…this and my post allow me to vent these emotions and cast them from me.

      I will be ok. Thanks to you, Cinn and several others I will always feel loved.

  1. You certainly know how to spin words in fascinating and mysterious waltzes that always seem to end too soon. Hope things work out.

    1. Hey RR! Hope you are doing well! I owe you a sidebar I know..have been swamped with the move..wife will be at my house over the weekend. Ill hit you up Sunday evening. Have a great weekend!

  2. Dear RK,
    Thank you for your comments. All opinions have weight. It is clear you are neither a writer nor do you follow my various blogs. This one servers a singular purpose. Primarily it is used to share a particular phase of writing with other serious writers. Aditionally it is clear you do not follow my blog nor are familiar with my.background. As far as manning up goes….son…you are clueless.

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