An empty hand reaches into hollow air. There it lingers. Memories of what once was thoughtless. Soft finger tips tracing mine. Wrist twisting together like snakes in a love dance. The world calmed when our hands met.

  Empty eyes search through the nothingness beside me. Once there gleamed eyes which spoke to my soul. I love you poured from them better then any mouth could speak. In them I saw eternity. Children. Grandchildren. Until the day I saw tears. Then they were gone.

  My lips speak to the vastness. I love you still flows from them. Landing upon empty ears of a long gone memory. When then your lips spoke love to me in return. Oh to feel them brush against mine.

  All is empty now. Hands withered. Eyes diming. Lips silent. All is empty. Except my heart. No. My heart is still full. The same love pounding through me. Forcing you into my dreams where all becomes real again. 

  My hand reaches into the emptiness where yours is waiting for it.


3 thoughts on “Emptiness

    1. I write based on truths which have occurred. Most not current but still linger. The truth behind this belongs to my first love. I was neglected as a child and suffered from depression and feelings of solitude forcas long as I can remember. I met my first love when I was 17. She was the first person whom I felt actually loved me, and did. Duecto reasons I did not understand until much later I had bonded to her. Much like a child would a parent. When our relationship ended suddenly I was devastated for years. I write anout it now for multiple reasons. One is to purge the build pain for the memory. One is to remember how great it was. Mainly though, is because I will always love her.

  1. I guess in a way I enjoy the pain. It makes me feel alive. Real. Not alone. Then when I love, I love big.

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