Is That How “It” Is Done

 Fortunately for me my paths have crossed here with several practicing a D, BDSM or just plane kink lifestyle. The fortune comes from their openness, willingness to answer my questions. Traveler is a classical romantic. Enjoying hours of sharing music, poems, movies snuggled down in deep sheets with someone. Deep stares, passionate kisses, and fondeling galore. Ending with a dance between yearing bodies and rest in each others arms.

 However, the surrender involved in a D or BDSM relationship is so very intriguing. The trust involved in allowing your partner to chain, whip, spank you is intoxicating for me just in thought. How deep that relationship must me. How, non superficial. 

 Although doubting I would be able to submit to someone due to my past, the thought of someone submitting to me is ……. delicious. Wanting eyes begging for my touch but helpless witnout my action. The pulling of hair and ability to be, not gentle. To demand my partner do what I please instead of hoping it might occur. The willingness to reward.

  Who knows. The Traveler is not dead yet. Maybe there are few toes left out there for me to curl. What do you thing?




7 thoughts on “Is That How “It” Is Done

  1. I say go for it Traveler! I have never felt so fulfilled or happy as I do now submitting to my husband. There are a lot of lovely ladies out there, longing to find a strong man to submit to. I do hope you’ll explore this side of yourself and I do hope that when it happens, you write about it!

    1. Thanks Nora! I am sure I will have more questions in the near future. I am intrigued. If it does happen…oh yeah..I will blog.

  2. As a long practiced Dom and a switch a long time ago, I know both sides of the whip. I’ve always been opening to answering questions. I used to get them regularly on my BDSM oriented tumblr. I’ve written a lot about it, being a writer and all. It’s a very satisfying experience when done right, I think anyone interested should definitely dip a toe.

    1. Hey my friend! Glad to see you here. I hope all is well with you? I will shoot you an email. Would love to hear more.

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