Love is like the waves of the ocean. There are many different types of waves. Some never reach the surface. Others stand hundreds of feet tall. They ebb and they flow. Drift away then return. They can be turbulent or rock you like a baby in a crib.

One when young tends to run from waves out of fear. With age one runs full speed into them. Diving in and splashing with joy. When waves are learned the signs of them can be predicted. Good waves can carry you for miles. One can catch a current and travel the world if so desired. Yet one can choose to catch many smaller waves. Experiencing each one allowing them to carry one a short while until finding a new one.

Sailors of old would search the seas for that one perfect wave and steady wind. Combined they would smoothly travel their journey in comfort and ease. Once  ridden that wave would never be forgotten. Often being incorporated into fable and lore until its match could never exist. Although never finding it again. The ability to sing its songs will warm the heart until the traveler himself returns to the sea.


3 thoughts on “Waves

    1. Thank you Nora! You are to kind. I started you blog yesterday from the beginning. Will message you soon. Have a great one!

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