Drifting Again

Ice cold beer and life long friends. Lunch was a glorious diversion from reality. My male best freind is moving next week and I am all but gone again. Can not seem to stay anywhere for more than two years. Even post retirement. My female best friend will always be here. She has a perfect life, hubby, kids, lake house. Or so it seems.

  We have one of those strange relationships. Very platonic. Have know each other since fifth grade. Have always be best friends. She could not date during the early years in high school unless I went along. Mid way through lunch she announced she had new boobs. Yeap, the post forty boob job. I did not know if I should feel good or bad about the fact I had not noticed. Good I guess. Nice having a friend that is just a friend.

  Now I am home. Sitting in my big leather chair. Feeling, empty. I am in my empty home. Most everything thing moved now except my chair to my wifes home. I am expected to move there soon. Except, it does not feel like home. My oldest daughter just moved in for summer break from college. She said the same thing. It is   “moms” house. I do not feel welcome there. 

  He I am again. Drifting. Aimless. Comfortably numd. Knowing I will most likely be alone till the end. Alone is not bad. I can accept alone. However, there will always be the thought of her. The her from high school. The only her I think ever loved me and maybe the only her I ever loved. She has a great husband. Great kids. Big house. Never things of me.

  This all sounds sad. Yet, I have had a story book life. Honestly. There is at least one major motion movie about my exploits. I will not tell which. Best you not figure me out. I have beautiful daughters. A loyal dog. Most of all, beer money when the bills are paid. Think I will head back to the beach now. There is more girth to my belly now. Takes longer to tan. 

  Love you my WP friends.



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